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I’m about to tell you something you already know: the iPhone case market is super saturated.  You can find all kinds of iPhone cases in retailers across the globe and in online shops around the web, but like I said, you already knew all of that.  Now I’m about to tell you something you probably don’t know: I was just introduced to a company called Graft Concepts who have designed and manufactured a brand new type of iPhone case that I think is just genius.

The Leverage i5 in black.

The case is called the Leverage, it comes in two models: i5 (for iPhone 5) and i4 (for iPhone 4/4S) — both are available in black and white.  What exactly makes it unique, you ask?  Well, the team at Graft Concepts came up with a (patent pending) latch and lever system, that makes it super easy to put the case on your iPhone as well as super easy to take it off.  I don’t know about you guys but I’ve broken the Apple bumpers trying to get them off my iPhone — once they are on your phone, they are pretty snug making it a bit difficult to take them off.  You don’t have that issue with the Leverage set of iPhone cases.

When I spoke with Anthony Ko, co-founder of Graft Concepts, he told me the inspiration for the unique design came from looking at high-end watches.  The company wanted to emulate the fine bezels and clasps that you would find in such luxury watches and bring it to an iPhone case.  And I think they did just that.

The frame is constructed from ABS plastic and polycarbonate giving the case a solid feel.  In practice the latch and lever system work flawlessly, I was able to get the case on and off my iPhone without any problems and without scuffing up the phone itself.  I should note that when the case is on your iPhone — it’s on, securely.  It isn’t going anywhere.  Once you undo the latch though, it just makes it so simple to take off.  I love it.

In addition to the bumper-style case, the Leverage case also ships with a backplate that you can put on to protect the back of your iPhone.  Graft Concepts also offers additional backplates for purchase, including unique designs as well as one that can hold credit cards and even your ID — great for times when you don’t want to carry your wallet around.

Now here is where it gets super cool.  Graft Concepts offers 3D printing files (for free) so if you have a 3D printer you can print your very own backplates for the Leverage case.  You can find the 3D printing files for the i5 here and i4 here.

The company is very excited about this hybrid mass-produced product and the numerous possibilities that are available because of it.  Additionally, the Graft Concepts team is working on getting a custom configuration tool online so people can upload their own images to have backplates printed on-demand for those who do not own a 3D printer.  While that is currently not online, Mr. Ko informed me you can shoot them an email in the meantime and they will do what they can to assist you.

The Leverage i5 retails for $39.95 and the i4 retails for $29.95.

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