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Okay, so this is always fun. The rumored, but as-yet unannounced and unconfirmed, larger iPhone 6 is apparently going to be delayed until 2015, according to a new report out of Taiwan’s Business Times. That’s right: a device that hasn’t been given an official release date, or even been confirmed as existing in the first place, will come out later than we assumed it would

The news comes via a post on BGR, which, after translating the original story, says that Apple is having troubles with the supply chain in Asia. Earlier reports pointed to the larger model—which is said to offer a 5.5-inch display—as being slated for late 2014 to take advantage of the holiday season. According to the report, however, Apple’s suppliers are having a hard time providing the company with batteries thin enough to juice the device:

“The report says the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will need a battery that’s just 2mm thick, or one-third thinner than batteries from competing devices, which typically measure 2.8mm or 2.9mm.”

If all this is true, that’s not super-great news for Apple, which likely would want to release a larger iPhone 6 just in time for holiday shopping. It’s not as though Apple devotees will skip out on the device because of the delay, but launching the first device in a new product category—in this case the inaugural iPhablet—would certainly be better suited to getting the holiday shopping bump.

Of course, the post offers up some supposed battery specifications that might make the larger iPhone 6 worth the wait. Apparently the batteries in both iPhone 6 models will give users 50 to 70 percent “more watt-hours than the iPhone 5s.”

Is any of this true? Can we really even say something’s being delayed if it hasn’t even been announced? Are you willing to wait until early 2015 for your ginormous iPhone 6?

[Source: BGR]


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