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A new report by GigaOM is claiming that Google silently acquired WIMM Labs, a smartwatch manufacturer, last summer as part of an effort to bolster its own plans for wearable devices.  WIMM Labs started out about four years ago and put out its first smartwatch in 2011, the company’s smartwatches ran Android which pretty much make it seem like it would be a good fit for Google.

According to the report, the WIMM Labs team has been folded into Google’s Android team.  Now, while it seems likely that this report is true, Google has yet to confirm the acquisition. That being said, WIMM Labs did abruptly shut down its operations about a year or so ago when the company deleted its social profiles and published a message on its website stating that the company had “entered into an exclusive, confidential relationship” that prevented it from continuing its current products.

I didn’t expect Google to solely rely on Glass as its wearable computing device offering, so we’ll see what Google can bring to the table with its smartwatch whenever that happens to be released.  In the mean time, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is expected to be shown off next week and Apple’s iWatch is still rumored to be around the corner as well.

Update: Google has confirmed the acquisition of WIMM Labs, however, did not comment further about its plans regarding whether or not it’s building a smartwatch.


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