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With the announcement that Google Reader is shutting down soon, many are wondering where to go next. Many people have several blogs they read each day, and need an RSS reader that is going to help them keep updated with ease. While many choose to subscribe to blogs through email, an RSS reader is a great way to read several different blog posts from different blogs on one screen.  Here are three great Google Reader alternatives for you to switch over to.


bloglovin google reader alternativeBlogLovin’ is an easy to use interface that offers a web interface, mobile browser, and iPhone application. Users can import their existing Google Reader blog feeds directly into BlogLovin’ instead of moving it over manually and blogs can also be sorted into custom categories that users create themselves. If they only want to read blog posts in that category, they simply click on the folder.

To read all unread posts, users can click on the first post in the web browser, which opens a new window that has a BlogLovin frame at the top. Once that post is read, they can click “Next” to go to the next new post in their subscribed blogs. This makes it easy to read posts quickly from one browser window.


LifeHacker named Feedly as the most recommended alternative to Google Reader. It also allows for syndication of podcasts and news pieces, all of which can be separated into sections, such as Technology and Fashion, much like BlogLovin. You can also save posts for later or view posts that have been published that day.

It is available for web, Chrome, and Android and all posts sync across any platform whenever you access your account.


FeedReader offers two ways to use its service, the first is more of a “bare-bones” approach that you can use and access via a web browser (making your feeds accessible anywhere, too)  and the second is its Windows based application that allows you to read your favorite sites directly from your desktop:


FeedReader also offers custom RSS and OEM development tools that may be of benefit to large companies or start-ups that want to offer a service or content via RSS.

Whichever alternative to Google Reader you choose, many RSS readers will definitely be stepping up their game to be the replacement for loyal Google Reader fans.

[photo credit: Ozyman via photopin.]

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