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Google has always held a fairly strict set of restrictions that manufacturers had to follow in order to be allowed to use some of the core features of Android as most people know it, including the Google Play Store, Chrome, Google Maps, and even the new Android Launcher. Now they’ve added one big restriction that could be a sticking point for some manufacturers – Google is now requiring that all manufacturers slap on a nice big “Powered by Android” logo on the boot screen.

The new rules can already be seen in effect on the boot screens of both the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as HTC’s new and improved One (M8), both of which where unveiled within the last month. Internal Google documents obtained by Android Police have confirmed the requirement, and it turns out the rules are pretty strict. Google is telling manufacturers exactly where to put the logo, how big it has to be, what color it can be, and even how much space has to be around it.

Obviously, this isn’t something that most users will care too much about – but if they didn’t know that they were using an Android device before, they sure will now; and that could make it harder for manufacturers to distance themselves from the platform without repercussions. Samsung, I’m looking at you.

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