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The Facebook Vanity URL Goldrush of 2009 has left many Facebook users without their dream URL or variations thereof.  Whether you just weren’t quick enough to grab your username or perhaps you have the same name as a Facebook employee or high-profile journalist here are two alternative ways to obtain a shorter and more memorable URL for your Facebook profile.

One developer (Alex Gonzalez) has put together an application called Personal URL that will allow you to to generate a Facebook application in your name, giving you the URL Which means instead of having you would have  It is still easier to remember (and type out) then a traditional Facebook URL but it is still not ideal in my opinion (especially if you have friends who are not the most web savvy people).  I’m not sure how long this application will last either so it may or may not be worth it.

The second option, which I believe to be a better alternative out of the two is to use a site called  FBuser allows you to create a redirect to your profile page.  For example, will redirect to my Facebook page.  Again, it may not be you dream vanity URL, but, it is an alternative.

Here is a bonus tip: if you own your own domain name you may want to consider creating a sub domain or directory which redirects to your Facebook page.

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