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es-file-explorerMany casual computer users take it for granted that you can simply dive into your PC or Mac’s files and folders with the simple click of a mouse—and that when it comes to mobile, you simply can’t. In general, browsing folders on your phone isn’t as easy as it ought to be. Your Photos app lets you look at your pictures, your Downloads app lets you scroll through the files or pictures you’ve saved to your phone. But what about being able to use that computer in your pocket like an actual computer? For that, Android users might want to turn to ES File Explorer.

Just like those other apps let you look through one particular folder on  your phone’s internal storage or microSD card, ES File Explorer lets you do the same thing, but with all of your phone’s folders. Once you get started, you can easily move files you’ve downloaded into other folders. For instance, if you download an MP3 but want to use it as your ringtone, it’s extremely easy to move that song into the same folder as the rest of your phone’s built-in ringtones.

The interface is clean and simple to understand, with all your folders lined up neatly on one side. Meanwhile, actually working with the app isn’t complicated at all: tapping a folder or file opens it, while tapping-and-holding brings up options to Copy, Cut, Pate Delete, Rename, Share, and many more.

In short, ES File Explorer actually gives users the ability to see what’s going on inside their phone without having to connect it to your computer, as well as the power to actually do something useful with that knowledge. And best of all: it’s free.

Key Features

  • Opens up your internal storage so you can move files around from one folder to another, create new folders, delete old files you no longer need.
  • Great integration with the rest of your phone allows you to start emailing or texting files to your contacts with the push of a button.
  • Easy interface makes browsing files and folders as simple as it is on your desktop computer.

Download ES File Explorer

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