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Cloud storage is the new webmail: companies keep offering more space for less money. In its ongoing efforts to hold your important files on its servers, Dropbox has offered up a new, revamped Dropbox Pro plan that provides one terabyte (aka 1,000 gigabytes) of cloud storage for the low-low price of ten bucks a month, or $8.25 a month if you pay a lump sum of $99 for a year of service.

Besides ten times more space for the same price the Pro subscription used to provide, the new service also offers more security options, like the ability to set passwords on files and folders when sharing Dropbox links between collaborators, as well as the option to delete files off of connected machines in the event that one is stolen. So if you’ve got sensitive password data stored in your Dropbox folder and that information also lives in your synced Dropbox folder on a swiped laptop, you can kill those files remotely.

All of these features are solid, and might drive a huge migration of users to the Dropbox Pro plan. On the other hand, I use Dropbox and currently have almost 29 GB for free. I haven’t even used up 50 percent of that capacity, and I’ve managed that by simply picking and choosing which files I want to have access to. Music and movies don’t go in that folder, while all my important work documents are synced up. Maybe that means I won’t get to watch whatever movies I might have downloaded from anywhere in the world, but my music is already on the cloud (again, for free) via Google Play Music. And what is YouTube and Netflix for if not watching videos away from your computer?

The new Dropbox Pro plan is a great deal – if you find yourself needing a whole terabyte of cloud storage. I’m sure those people are out there…power users with tons of media they want at their fingertips. For me, though, I’ll probably stick with the free offerings for just a while longer.

[Dropbox Pro]

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