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This is a pretty nice deal, and it’s even nicer if you have a Target REDcard. Today and tomorrow only (7/13 and 7/14), you can get 15% off electronics and entertainment products — with some exceptions, of course.

targetFirst, how to get the deal. Visit the Cartwheel website and register. From there, you can search in the Electronics section and locate the 15% off coupon. Click on the deal and click “Add.”

Next, you’ll need to download the Target Cartwheel app for your smartphone — iOS or Android. When you launch the app and sign in, a barcode will be displayed. When you take your item or items up to the cash register, the cashier can scan that barcode to apply your Cartwheel discount. (By the way, Windows Phone users, you can visit the Cartwheel site in your browser to display your barcode).

Voila — 15% off!

A few notes for this deal. It stacks with your Target REDcard, so if you use that in conjunction with Cartwheel, you can actually get yourself a 20% discount. For an iPad Air or an Xbox One, that is $100 off, which is a pretty fantastic price cut.

Also, some users over on SlickDeals have reported that the deal also stacks with a USPS Change of Address mover’s coupon at 10% off, so combined with everything else, you could potentially get 30% off (though that mover’s coupon reportedly has a lot more exclusions).

Speaking of exclusions, there are some for this deal. You can’t apply the discount to prepaid cards, for instance, so no saving 15% on Xbox currency or iTunes cards. You also can’t apply the discount to any Bose products, any DSLR cameras, or any installation or service plans that Target offers. That’s it, though. You can pick up some pricy electronics at 15% off, or use that discount to buy some video games, movies, or music.

Is there anything at Target you’d be tempted to pick up with this discount? Drop us a line below with your thoughts.

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