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Back in early 2012, Clear (for iOS) made its debut on the iPhone (it also debuted on our best iOS apps of 2012). The new app took a unique approach to managing a todo list with its first of a kind user interface. Since that time, Realmac Software, the creators of Clear, also released Clear for Mac, the equivalent of Clear, but for OS X. It works in conjunction with Clear on iOS via iCloud support. However, one thing that really stood out about Clear for iOS was that the app itself was completely gesture based, which isn’t the case on OS X.

On OS X, Clear has to be controlled by a mouse or trackpad. And while the Apple trackpad can support gestures, it’s much more limited on an actual mouse. So today, the Realmac team announced something really cool. The company has been working to support Leap Motion technology with Clear. This means you can control the app on OS X via gestures with your hand (in the air). It looks pretty cool. We have included the video below of the technology in action.

The Leap Motion controller isn’t out yet, but it is expected to ship early this year. So with this announcement from Clear, I’d assume we’re getting close. You can however pre-order the Leap Motion controller on their site for $69.99 + shipping.

I can’t wait to see what other apps start support the Leap Motion technology.

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