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At the end of a typical day, I have a ridiculously high number of Chrome tabs open, sometimes in several different windows. I may also be listening to music or playing a video in one of those tabs, but it’s not always easy to remember which. Trying to kill that sound when necessary quickly becomes a drawn-out game of search and destroy, as in, search for the offending tab and exit out of it.

chrome-audioIf you’ve ever been in this boat with me, a new feature in Chrome 32 should be able to help. Now, when sound is playing inside of a tab, a speaker icon is displayed on the right side so that you know which tab it’s coming from. Not only that, but icons will also show up when a tab is using your webcam, or when you’re Chromecasting to your TV, making it easy to know which tab is performing a certain action.

At this point, the feature is only part of Chrome Beta. You can download it now if you want by visiting the Chrome website.

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