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In today’s day and age, security has been thrust to the forefront of just about everything in current events. From insurgency to border control, it would seem that security plays a major part in our daily lives. Yet most people don’t realize how intricate most security apparatuses are when it comes to keeping a local population safe. Taking centerstage is video surveillance.

Recorded video plays a delicate part in most security protocols, acting as the virtual eye, and capturing events that may elude an agent in the field. With this, however, comes an even more daunting task of monitoring and analyzing all of the data collected by cameras and other recording entities. With a myriad of private security companies offering various methods of surveillance, one such company feels that it has been able to harness all the abilities of security video, and wrap them up into an easy to use platform.

Hailing from the land of milk and honey, and security for that matter, Agent Vi is a leading global provider of video analytics. Utilizing smart AI and Machine Learning algorithms, the company claims that its software is able to analyze recorded video in real time, and will detect any small change in video frames, as well as provide up to date alerts for events of interest.

Working hand in hand with the advanced video analysis is an expedited search engine. While based on old technology, Agent Vi claims it has created a search option that will enable security officials to search for events within a video stream in a matter of seconds. With over 100,000 images already categorized and stored, a search can be conducted across multiple cameras for increased alertness and decreased response time.

The company’s latest development is the launch of its new platform “innoVi for Smart Cities.” Built on patented technology, “innoVi for Smart Cities”, optimizes efficiency and improving the level of response, an integral part for any smart city. Agent Vi’s versatile software allows for full integration into the majority of existing security structures already in place. This can be viewed as a major plus for security systems looking to upgrade their current platforms.

“We are revolutionizing the way cities are managed and elevating security standards to a new level,” said Itsik Kattan, CEO of Agent Vi. “Using surveillance video for city-wide management, security and safety has been long sought after by municipalities around the globe, and we are proud to be the first to bring to market a solution that is not only compelling in its comprehensive feature set, but also allows a practical deployment across multiple distributed locations, is applicable to different types of cameras, and is not subject to common bandwidth limitations. innoVi is a self-learning platform that continues to improve over time, and we will gradually introduce additional capabilities, which shall be seamlessly added through our centralized cloud deployment.”

Agent Vi, which was founded in 2003, is an established player in the video surveillance field. While showing true innovation with its push into smart cities, “innoVi for Smart Cities” has yet to be fully integrated into a dense metropolis and yield results. Time will tell whether this new venture from Agent Vi will increase our security in this uncertain time.


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