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Call For Help – Chris Pirillo discusses the Web and the ideas behind Web communities.

Questions and Topics:

1. What does Web 2.0 mean for an Internet user?
2. What do users gain with Web 2.0 sites such as uStream, flickr, twitter, and YouTube?
3. Is the Web the new platform for publishing with blogging communities such as your own (Lockergnome), WordPress, and Blogger constantly growing
4. Is blogging the new form of journalism? Should bloggers be held to the same standards as the Media?
5. With the number of people on the Internet now blogging how does one get their content seen by the masses? What tips and tricks can get your content to the top of search engines?
6. How does one monetize their content on the Web? Should we be looking at Google Adsense, AdBrite, or Microsoft Ads? What other options are available in terms of monetizing?
7. Web 2.0 has brought about a number of online applications for productivity do you see these online applications such as Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet phasing out the stronghold Microsoft has in the Office Suite market? If so, when do you think this will happen?
8. You are currently working on a project called GnomePal which will allow users to create Web 2.0 communities with ease are you concerned that this will saturate a market (Web 2.0) which is continuously growing at a rapid rate? Why or why not?
9. Where do you see the future of the Web? Is Web 2.0 going to be around for a while longer?
10. Do you have any thoughts and/or predictions as to what Web 3.0 might bring?

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