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Though BlackBerry may be about to put another BlackBerry OS 7 device on the market shortly, that doesn’t mean they’re giving up on BlackBerry 10 – quite the opposite, of course. According to AT&T’s official Twitter account, AT&T has just pushed out an update to BlackBerry’s current flagship device, the BlackBerry Z10.

Dubbed BlackBerry 10.1, it’s the same operating system update that came as apart of all BlackBerry Q10 devices, which was released just a couple of months ago to most major carriers. BlackBerry 10.1 was released on a couple of other BlackBerry Z10 handsets a few months ago; T-Mobile received the same BlackBerry 10.1 build as AT&T users are receiving today, which came with the following change log:

  • Corporate Liable
    • The Corporate Liable feature adds additional security in highly regulated and secure corporate environments by implementing a single Work space on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.
  • BlackBerry Balance
    • Work and Personal accounts are now separated in BlackBerry® Hub
    • You can disable access to the Work space using USB by IT Policy
    • An IT Policy restricts an application in the Work space from reading data in the Personal space
  • Cross Domain Email Warnings
    • Cross Domain Email Warnings occur when you compose an email message involving recipients that reside in different Internet domains. For example, if all current contacts are part of one domain, for example, and a contact from a separate domain is added, for example,, a warning message will appear alerting the user that a contact outside of the first domain will receive the message.
  • Out-of-Box Experience Software Updates
    • Configuration and software updates now occur in the background as opposed to a visible task or step in the original release of BlackBerry 10.
  • Smartcard Support
    • BlackBerry 10.1 will support BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader 2.0. Previous versions of the BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader are not supported.
  • Other Improvements
    • Improves device restarting during normal use
    • Improves battery life
    • Improves cursor control when selecting text
    • Resolves issues deleting prior messages
    • Resolves stuck new voicemail indicator
    • Resolves duplicate Gmail contacts.
    • Resolves meeting invite showing incorrect time
    • Resolves caller ID not displaying information for contacts

Do you have an AT&T branded BlackBerry Z10? Go ahead and check to see if your phone has any over the air updates available – you might just walk away with an improved phone.

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