Long Island, New York – April 1st, 2008 – BestTechie Holdings, Inc. today has announced that it will be implementing a subscription based technical support service over the next few weeks which will phase out the existing free technical support services BestTechie currently provides. BestTechie has made a name for itself within the online technical support community with its outstanding technical support for Microsoft Windows, Linux/Unix, OSX, software, hardware, and networking that it has provided over the last few years.

“The subscription based service will have many major benefits in comparison to our current free service. It will allow BestTechie to expand in more ways than ever possible with a free service.” said Jeff Weisbein, President of BestTechie Holdings, Inc.

The subscriptions will be available for purchase on a per-use basis, monthly basis, and a yearly basis to accommodate the needs of all users. Pricing details have not yet been announced.

Founded in 2003, BestTechie is a valuable resource for technical support of all kinds on the Internet.

Read here for more information – No we are not really going to charge

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