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Social media agency, Pandemic Labs, set out to discover the best times for brands to post on Facebook in order to have optimal reach and interaction. In a study of more than 22,000 Facebook pages, over 12.7 million posts, and more than 12.3 billion interactions, they found that the weekend performed the best.

In fact, the three best times (all EST) to post on Facebook are (in order of effectiveness): Saturday at 10PM, Saturday at 8PM, and Sunday at 7PM. These times actually surprised me a bit, I didn’t expect to see that much Facebook page interaction during the weekend, especially in the evening. Then again, Facebook is a very global website, so that needs to be factored in as well. While the three best times are somewhat surprising, the the three worst times to post on Facebook make a bit more sense to me: Tuesday at 4AM, Tuesday at 3AM, and Thursday at 3AM.

The agency also examined the best days to post on Facebook during the week and found that in terms of generating the most post interaction on a daily basis, optimal post times varied across industries. While every industry is different, the study shows that electronics industry generates the most post interactions on Monday and Wednesday. Meanwhile for Restaurants and Cafe’s, Thursday and Sunday are the most effective, which I believe also correlates with when people eat out the most — imagine that.

If you are curious to see the weekly breakdown, we have included the full infographic below.

The best times to post on facebook by industry


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