According to Avi Benezra, the CTO of SnatchBot, “A chatbot is a computer program that enables businesses and brands to interact with users through a conversational interface. You can think of it as a marketing channel – but also as the converging point for several channels. There are chatbots on Facebook Messenger and those are possibly the most popular because of the massive number of users and because it has a developer API that enables businesses to automate their messaging. Automated messaging means businesses can engage with their customers 24/7”.

SnatchBot is one of the best chatbots available. It can build bots for Messenger, SMS, Line, Webchat, Skype, Viber, Telegram, Slack, and others. Here we discuss the benefits and tips for using SnatchBot on Messenger

Benefits of using a Facebook Messenger chatbot

Chatbots are very convenient for small businesses and SnatchBot is one of the chatbots available online. Below are the benefits of using SnatchBot on Facebook Messenger.

Many uses

SnatchBot allows users to communicate with customers through a wide variety of interactions to deliver unique and relevant content, send out breaking-news updates and answer questions.

Many functions and features

According to Benezra, who recently discussed APR and chatbots in France: “SnatchBot provides users with a wide range of functions and built-in features such as payment processing, email extraction, translations and action buttons which do not require any programming skills”.

Massive audience

Facebook Messenger has at least 1.3 billion users! That is a huge audience that any small business can tap into using a chatbot. A big proportion of the audience can convert into customers.

Drive more leads and sales

Chatbots are an easy way for consumers to contact a business and get the answers that they seek. Businesses can take advantage of that ability of consumers to contact them for information and convert those consumers to customers.

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Send chatblasts

Users can send chatblasts to people who have already made contact and shown an interest in the business’ products. The messages can be tailored to target a particular type of audience, meaning that different approaches are used for different types of audience. This creates sales leads.

Help consumers to solve issues

Business can create an interactive FAQ with answers to common questions. Customers can easily retrieve an answer using a mobile-friendly conversation.

Maintain the FAQs

The user can regularly check the questions that are asked that do not have answers, and provide the answers, updating the FAQs.

Chatbots are easy to use

SnatchBot is easy to use. Benezra said one of their main priorities was to ensure that no coding is required and everything is automatically configured and ready to go to work. The only skill necessary is the ability to write conversion-focused content. The work involves messages and offers in the form of useful, engaging and brief content that provides quick answers that pull readers into the conversation. A business owner or a team member responsible for online ads, social media content and email marketing can have responsibility to create a chatbot.

Businesses can interact with their bot using SnatchApp’s private and secure application. SnatchApp is a free messaging and calling app available for desktop, Windows 8 &10, Android, iOS, and other devices.

How to begin using a Facebook Messenger SnatchBot

Here are the ways in which businesses can begin to use SnatchBot to enhance their customer experience.

1. To begin, the user needs to register on SnatchBot’s website.

2. After logging in, users are taken to the dashboard where they can follow the directions for creating bots. It only takes a few minutes to set up a bot.

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3. For the channel the user selects Facebook Messenger.

4. On Facebook the user selects an existing page or creates a new one on which they will use the bot.

5. After that, users can share the URL with anyone they want to have a conversation with the bot.

6. The first bot statement may read, “Hi, I am the chatbot for the company. Would you like to hear about our latest special offers?” The statement can be configured to include the visitor’s name.

How a business can make the most of SnatchBot

Once the bot is set up, the user can create FAQs with answers and then update them regularly. The user also creates daily or weekly messages and, when there is fresh news, they can share breaking news about their business. If the business books tickets or appointments, they can set it all up using the chatbot.

As Benezra explains: “If a business takes orders, SnatchBot can streamline this function so that customers can complete their orders from start to finish without leaving the app. After the order, SnatchBot can ping customers with their order updates. The business can also send existing customers coupons, promo codes and exclusive deals on products that they buy regularly”.

Users can conduct polls, surveys and quizzes in order to collect customer information and interests which help the business to better serve them.

Users can send messages that promote their best blog posts so that the audience can go and read on the website.

Businesses can encourage attendance of their live events or webinars. The higher the attendance, the higher the chances of making sales. They can also send reminders for the event/webinar and encourage registration.

Good news is that businesses and brands can join SnatchBot for free. Later they can upgrade to premium membership if they need to.

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