Facebook Launches Subscriptions. A Jab At Twitter?

As similar as Facebook and Twitter are in the sense that they’re both social networks that allow users to communicate between, interact with, and stalk follow one-another online, the fact of the matter is that the two sites are entirely different.  While Facebook is meant to serve as a mechanism for more … [Read more...]

Verizon Introduces Less Than Impressive Pre-Paid Unlimited Service

As much as I know the word “unlimited” is really over-used in marketing and advertising, I really must admit that I do like the concept of not being tied down to fixed limits with services that I subscribe to.  Of course, I understand that even with “unlimited” services there is always some sort of limit or … [Read more...]

Will AT&T and Verizon Re-Implement Unlimited Data Plans?

When it comes to the various sub-sections of the general technology industry, the single most interesting market that I’m following right now is hands-down the mobile industry.  Sometimes it really is a bit of a challenge to realize how far innovations in the mobile sector or any other subset of the tech … [Read more...]

Adobe Flash: A Necessary Evil?

A couple of years ago when the rumors of Apple’s then unannounced iPad tablet began to check out and it became blatantly obvious that Apple was indeed working on and planning to release a consumer tablet device there were countless folks out there that were absolutely sure that Apple was finally going to team … [Read more...]

Google’s Acquisition of Zagat Should Scare Yelp

From the perspective of a tech blogger I can safely tell you that there have been countless times where companies have made decisions that I have had no choice but to question.  Sometimes my crucial outlook on business moves has been proven wrong, and I’m not shameful in the least to admit that I, like every … [Read more...]

Windows 8 to Run Windows Phone Applications

Anyone who remotely follows Microsoft's release cycle of the Windows operating system has likely noticed the somewhat obvious fact that Microsoft's success with each release is spotty at best.  Sure, Windows 7 has been on the market for a while now and has achieved a pretty outstanding adoption rate and has … [Read more...]

Will A Google Acquisition of Hulu Provide Worthwhile Synergy?

If there's one aspect of our day-to-day lives that I am sure will change dramatically over the next few years I honestly think that thing would be television.  I mean, think of what TV was like fifty years ago - a bulky little box with bunny-ears and a black-and-white picture that families circled around in … [Read more...]

Baidu Forks Android, Teams With Dell for Yi OS

Exactly two months ago I talked about a new partnership that U.S.-based Microsoft Corporation teaming up with China-based search engine Baidu to provide English results in a move that many like myself thought would ultimately make Baidu a potentially solid competitor to Google; not only in China, but in the … [Read more...]

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