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It wasn’t all too long ago when Adam Savage of MythBusters went on a tirade against AT&T for charging him $11,000 for “a few hours of web surfing in Canada” in which AT&T claimed he downloaded 9GB of data using his USB connection.  The issue has since been resolved but apparently AT&T wants to prevent future “misunderstandings” from occurring in the future.

Today, I received in the mail this pamphlet (that’s the online version) reminding me of the potential costs that could be accrued using your iPhone’s data plan in other countries.  As the pamphlet headline reads, “Keep your bill predictable when you travel abroad.” It’s apparent AT&T doesn’t want to have to deal with an issue like this again and to be fair, why should they?  People should be aware of their contracts.

This is a good move on AT&T’s part, it saves them a possible headache in the future.  Now they can point to this pamphlet and say, “Here.  Look we provided the information to you.”  The bottom line here is that you need to more careful when you are abroad and using your iPhone as a source of Internet connectivity or make sure you have an appropriate international data plan.


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