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Remember all those times your Mom said you would never learn anything from watching TV? Now you can call up Mom and tell her just how mistaken she was (the same goes for window-shopping, or aimlessly cruising). With these simple and free smartphone programs, users are “earning,” then laughing their way all the way to the mall.


viggle appWith this app, users “check in” to TV shows, and gain points for the time they spend watching TV. Use Viggle to check into prime time for more points, or play trivia or sports performance games to earn even more. Earned points can net users restaurant or retail gift cards, discounts, electronics, or even a cruise (though this may take a while to earn).

The program still seems to be working out a few electronic kinks, and point vs. reward ratios tend to widen every several months. But considering its still merchandise for watching TV, it’s worth a try.


Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 11.50.58 AMDo you travel regularly? What about a daily commute? Just let Ride run in the background to start earning points toward rewards. For every mile, users get a certain number of points (which adjusts depending on their total count), and after reaching only a few thousand, can cash in for Amazon dollars, Redbox rentals, iTunes cash, and more.

The downside is the app can drain your smartphone’s battery; it runs off GPS. Remember to keep it closed when not in transit to help preserve phone juice.


shopkick logoThe next time you head to the store, open ShopKick for an added bonus of point collecting. Use it to scan certain items for extra earning power, or just walk into a store to receive your points. The app shows which nearby stores have the highest rewards, and what steps to take to get the most out of each trip. Users can cash in for gift cards to the stores they frequent, or even online shopping ventures.

And while ShopKick isn’t great for saving time, it is a good add on when already running an errand or two.

These apps certainly won’t let you quit your job, but offer a great way to “earn” gift cards on the side. Sign up today to start reaping the benefits for yourself.

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