A multi-national corporation with over a 100 million consumers and earning more than $1 billion in revenue said words that every entrepreneur should take to heart: “We are not afraid of building products that may fail – we’re more afraid of missing opportunities by not trying”.

That is the kind of risk taking attitude small businesses need to have to become big, but the mundane trivialities of day to day business sucks the spirit of innovation and adventure out of entrepreneurs as they are stuck completing paper work and organizing.

However, as modern business technology develops, entrepreneurs are experimenting with different strategies and tools to increase their revenue. Using apps that have been designed for small businesses maximizes the efficiency of the business and helps it grow.

There are hundreds if not thousands of business apps that can be downloaded for free or at a nominal price to ease your business functions. However, not all live up to the promises and claims they make.

We have shortlisted our 4 favorite apps that cover some of the most important yet mundane aspects of entrepreneurial ventures and can help with the running of small businesses.  With the help of these apps, you can concentrate on your expertise while the business runs smoothly.

Click Funnels

A sales funnel is a process through which companies lead their customers from the stage of being aware of their product to the stage of repeat-purchases of their products.

Entrepreneurs can use Click Funnels to create customizable sales funnels for their businesses to trigger fresh leads into pipelines and enter content delivery automations. The old school way of creating sales funnels is to write the code yourself or hire a programmer and a designer to do so.

Needless to say this could add up to thousands of dollars. But using Click Funnels you can design lead capture page and high converting sales pages yourself with just a few clicks. This app helps businesses sell their products online by building landing pages

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Click Funnels is giving a free 14-day trial to allow users to familiarize themselves with it. With it you can generate leads and built a list, up-sell, cross-sell, and launch new products.


For any business, whether small or big, to be successful it needs to be active on social media platforms. The popular cloud service, HubSpot, has an app that handles online and social media marketing campaigns as well as email campaigns for businesses.

As per Digital Media Specialist Ben Lawlor from Sponge-Jet, HubSpot has excellent CRM functionality. “Before deciding on the HubSpot CRM, Sponge-Jet compared many different CRM services. What we found is that for the cost, there wasn’t a better mobile friendly CRM on the market. HubSpot has consistently grown its mobile CRM capabilities over the last 12 months”, he has said.

Available on iTunes and Google Play Store, HubSpot offers a power integrated mobile experience for your marketing data and content. With its dashboard you can evaluate your marketing efforts for last month, last three months or last year.

The app allows you to grade websites, check performance of your email sends and find out which sources of social media are doing well for you and where your customers are coming from. HubSpot makes accessing all your critical data and contacts easy and helps you schedule and edit social media publishing.

QuickBooks Online

You may be an expert in your field, but unless finance is your forte you may shrink from your business’s accounting duties. The app QuickBooks Online helps small businesses organize their bills and accounts.

Available on iTunes and Google Play Store, you can use QuickBooks Online to work with an accountant, send invoices, scan receipts, manage and pay bills, pay your employees, and track sales and expenses. Furthermore, it automatically backs data so you do not have to worry about misplacing or losing your information.

Depending on the features you require and which country you live in, the cost of this app varies. Advanced features such as purchase order management and bill payment scheduling are part of its more expensive packages. You can opt for a monthly subscription plan or pay a yearly fee with a discount. If you want to try out the app before committing you can sign up for their free trial.

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Bizness Apps

Mobile apps are a business necessity given everyone carries a cell phone and a tablet these days. So much so that a statistic by Morgan Stanley suggests that 91% of adults have their cell phones within arm’s reach night and day.

Though you can spend thousands of dollars on developing a mobile app, Bizness Apps is the easier and more affordable way to do so. Using it, you can build a mobile app for your customers with a food ordering system, loyalty program, and geo-location messaging.

Bizness Apps offers many advantages. It allows you to select your app’s features and customize appearance without requiring coding knowledge on your part. It has revenue generating features that allow you to engage with your customers easily, save time, and hence increase your bottom line. Best of all, the Bizness App team provides great customer support.

As per some of its glowing reviews, it offers ease of use and is a powerful mobile app solution. Available for free on Google Play Store, it makes having a mobile app a breeze for small businesses.

More and more people today are choosing to become entrepreneurs and be their own bosses rather than follow a 9 to 5 lifestyle. We understand that you pour around-the-clock hard work and diligence to make your business thrive.

Moreover, for the growth of your business, you can also select several apps from the AirG website. Check the apps reviews and decide yourself about the selection of best application for your business. These apps can ease the work pressure on you, organize your work and time  and thus help your business grow faster.

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