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When Apple announced that over 90% of all iOS users were using the latest version of the mobile operating system, iOS 6, they weren’t kidding. Apple has just updated their iOS Developer Center with the chart above, outlining that 93% of all users are currently running iOS 6 on their devices. The chart states that it was updated as recently as June 3rd, meaning that these numbers should be pretty up to date.

Just 6% of all users are running iOS 5, the previous version of the mobile operating system, while the entirety of the first four versions make up a measly 1% of usage. This means that developers for Apple’s platforms are capable of developing their applications to take advantage of the latest APIs and features that iOS 6 has to offer, including Auto Layout, Passbook, Collection Views, and improvements in Core Image, MapKit, and EventKit.


This is in stark, stark contrast to Android’s developer story. Google also keeps an up to date chart keeping track of Android fragmentation, which you can see above, and clearly things are quite different. Only 58% of all Android devices currently in use are running Android 4.0 or later, which was first released over a year ago now in November of 2011. The rest of devices are overwhelmingly using some variation of Android 2.0, meaning developers have to be quite careful about not isolating the majority of their users with features that their devices don’t support.

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