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Ever since Apple introduced the original iPhone back in 2007, the iPhone has consistently been seen as the smartphone with the highest Customer Satisfaction rating in the eyes of the American public. It should come as no surprise, however, that Apple has been under increasing pressure from more and more competing smartphones, none more so than Samsung’s Galaxy S line of smartphones. Now it seems as though the tides have finally turned, with the newly published results of this year’s American Customer Satisfaction survey revealing that, for the first time since 2008, the iPhone is not the highest rating smartphone.

What is? Well, none other than 2012’s other best selling smartphones – the Samsung Galaxy S3. Interestingly, the Galaxy Note II also beat the iPhone in customer satisfaction, making the iPhone 5 the third highest rated smartphone in the last year. What’s curious, however, is the survey reveals that the story is actually reversed in South Korea – where Samsung was founded and operates. In South Korea, the iPhone 5 easily beat the Galaxy S III and other Samsung devices.

It’s worth noting that the surveys were conducted prior to the release of the Galaxy S4, so this doesn’t necessarily tell us what consumers think of Samsung’s latest and greatest. Still, with this being the first time Apple has lost the right to be called America’s favorite smartphone, it’s clear that Apple has a lot of work to do in the months and years ahead. Our own Shawn Farner expressed his discontent towards iOS 7 just yesterday, but now its your turn – are you sticking by Apple and the iPhone, or are you going with Samsung this time around? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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