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Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference in June, is usually where the tech giant makes big announcements about what it’s got in store for the rest of the year. Of course, given the fact that Google tends to make these kinds of announcements all the time—like yesterday’s reveal of Project Tango, means that I/O isn’t the be-all and end-all of Google-doings. In fact a new post on AndroidGeeks today cites “a person familiar with the matter” who say that Google won’t announce Android 4.5 at I/O, but will instead wait until July.

That isn’t the end of the alleged tipster’s scoop. According to the post, the July reveal of Android 4.5 will also coincide with the announcement of the Nexus 8 tablet that we heard about just two weeks ago. That report said that Google would release an Asus-made Nexus 8 in April—today’s report says July. Who’s right? Or are they both bogus?

The person with the info is said to work at Google’s Dublin office, and said that his news comes from his superiors. Moreover, the post says that Google is done working in the 7-inch tablet market completely.

If nothing else, the rumors are getting more consistent in terms of Google’s plans with its Nexus line of tablets. Opting for 8-inches but maintaining its affordable price-point may be just what it needs to jumpstart sales. And debuting Android 4.5 on such a device could be a nice shot in the arm there as well.

And a July release date is a lot more believable than an April one. July is that much closer to holiday time, as opposed to April, while consumers are still refilling their bank accounts after the previous year’s holiday rush. On top of that, the Nexus 7 was revealed during the 2012 I/O conference, so revealing its successor in July makes more sense because of the proximity. April just doesn’t compute.

Source: AndroidGeeks via BGR, PhoneArena


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