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Avatron, the makers of the popular iPhone app Air Sharing, recently released a new iPad app called Air Display.  The app is currently being sold in the App Store for $9.99, which in my opinion, is a little over priced.  Nonetheless, Air Display allows you to turn your iPad into an extra monitor.  It currently only works with Mac computers, however, they are working on a Windows version as well.  In order to use the app, you must install their software on your Mac along with installing the app on your iPad.  Additionally, both the iPad and Mac must be on the same wireless network – you also have the option to create an ad-hoc network if necessary.

Air Display is definitely a cool application, it even allows you to use the touch screen capabilities of the iPad with your computer.  However, I must note that there is no way to double click (that I know of) on items, though single clicks (like links) work fine.  Air Display works great in situations where you may be on the go with your laptop and require some extra screen real estate.  You will definitely want an iPad stand/dock when using this application as just letting your iPad sit on a table while using it as a second monitor, well, just doesn’t work out too well.

Ideally, I could see this app being used to hold more static type applications (Mail client, Buddy list, Inspector for iWork/other apps, etc).  Maybe have your mail client sit on the iPad and have it open emails on your main display.  There are couple of issues I noticed with Air Display, one being the no double click functionality that I mentioned before and the other being the lag and “stuttering” of windows that I noticed while using it.  This may be related to the app working over WiFi.

Air Display is definitely a cool application for any techie, but at $9.99 it’s a hard sell.  I would probably pay $4.99 for it.

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