If you’re one of many who own a smartphone, you’re probably spending an average of about 3 hours on your phone per day (not shocking, to be honest). Whether you use your iPhone for day-to-day socialization, work, constructing a resume or email, one universal issue still stands: Typos. Auto-correct is an amazing tool, but not 100% fool proof.

According to Grammarly, one of the top iPhone apps in this article, people make an average of 39 mistakes per 100 words when crafting social media posts, versus 13.5 blunders per 100 words when crafting emails. Whoa. So how do we avoid this? Are there useful tools or iPhone apps to help with writing and proofreading? Absolutely, and we’ve found the very best!

We asked a team of academic experts from https://www.customwritings.com professional writing service to share their experience in using these iPhone apps for writing and editing purposes:

  • Bear
  • iA Writer Pro
  • Pages
  • Ulysses
  • Werdsmith
  • Evernote 
  • Grammarly 
  • GingerGrammar

Read on to see what the experts had to say about each of them and choose which proofreading apps you’re going to try out next! We’ve added each iPhone app’s App Store link to save you the trouble of searching.


This is a very user-friendly writing editor for iPhones. It’s very well structured. The keyboard functions that it offers are fantastic and make you feel at home when you are writing or taking notes on your iPhone. The app has great host benefits like inserting images, links, headers, marking down your text, and even a possibility to encode (if you need it). 

The ability to switch between full mode and full-screen mode gives you peace of mind and more comfort while writing. On top of that, Bear gives you a rich choice of good looking fonts to work with while writing. 

Using Bear you can easily turn your writing into a PDF file and send it to your email or to your clients. Give it a try. You’ll like it. 

iA Writer Pro

The simplicity and focus on user experience make this app stand out. From first sight, it seems to be minimalistic. However, iA Writer Pro has everything you need for a seamless writing experience. 

  • simple execution 
  • ability to choose between headings 
  • easy formatting 
  • optimized keyboard with quick access to punctuation keys 
  • there are more short keys on the keyboard (it makes typing handy)
  • the background is a little bit off white that prevents your eyes from getting tired too quickly
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All in all, it’s a decent app for writing. 


A good thing about Pages is when you purchase it on the iPad, you can use the same paid version on your iPhone. You can edit images in Pages, write or edit text, add bullet lists, add different types of headings, tweak the layout and alignment of the text. 

In Pages, you can add different assets like pictures. You can move it around and adjust its size. You have a ruler at hand that enables you to do so minor editing on the go. 


What makes this app very convenient? It syncs up all your documents across all the iOS devices. For this, you don’t need an additional account. Your Apple ID will do. 

  • markdown support 
  • simple text syntax 
  • ability to export to HTML, epub, docx or pdf 
  • the app creates the link in the text for you on the fly (when you need it)
  • ability to export right from the app 
  • easy-to-use shortcuts 
  • very nice organizational structure  
  • TextExpander support

Check out Ulysses if you write a lot on iPhone. Chances are you’ll be glad you did. 


It’s a great tool for managing your ideas and writing. Anytime even if you are on the go, you can write down your ideas and organize them properly with Werdsmith. 

A great thing about Werdsmith is that you can set a rough goal. For example, the goal can be to hit 5,000 words or 10,000 words (or the amount you want). You can backup all your data on iCloud. It’s better to do this from time to time because you never know when it can crush. 

If you’d like to focus on the writing process, this app is worth your attention. 


One of the pros of Evernote is a strong infrastructure. So you can back up and store all your items really efficiently. It enables you to edit pdfs and voice record your notes. Using Evernote, you have the ability to structure your notes in folders. That’s great. 

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However, the monthly prices for Plus and Premium plans are rather high. 

If you opt-in for a free plan, you’ll be limited to only 2 devices. That’s ok when you use only the iPhone and Mac. If you want to use it also on an iPad or Windows computer, you’ll need to upgrade. 


If you need to edit or proofread essays, research papers or other content on iPhone, Grammarly is one of the best tools out there. You need just to add Grammarly keyboard to your iPhone and that’s it. 

It’s very intuitive and easy to use. It’s very effective. Grammarly has a free version that you can use without paying any fees. This app is incredibly amazing. 

With great usability and tons of positive reviews, you should definitely give it a test. 


GingerGrammar is another great app for iPhones that helps you with writing and editing. If you write words incorrectly, it will highlight the words with errors in blue. You can look up the changes that the app suggests. If you are ready to approve the changes, just hit the checkmark. 

There is a possibility to listen to the text that you write down. For this, you need to press the speaker button in the top left. 

You can also choose the whole sentence and the app will give you suggestions on what you can improve. Grammar checking is very neat and powerful. 

After you are done, you can copy the whole text and open it in another app or send it in a message.  

There you have it! 8 valuable iPhone apps that will help you write and edit with confidence. By using any of these, you can rest assured that the human errors we all make won’t impact your online or professional reputation. Give these apps a test run and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below! 

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