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There is no doubt that apps for smartphones, whether they be traditional or prepaid phones, are becoming incredibly popular and highly important. Smartphone usage is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years, and more and more individuals are turning to their apps to guide them through and entertain them in their daily lives. For web developers, this means choosing to switch gears and start developing apps that have the potential to be highly lucrative.

However, developing apps isn’t so easy. Most web developers lack business savvy, which can become prohibitive when trying to get your app picked up. Never fear, there are a few easy tips any app developer can follow to make obtaining success in the app development process easier:

Learn Layman’s Terms

Business professionals are business professionals, not tech-speak gurus. Don’t expect them to understand the tech terms that you have based your entire career around. In fact, speaking in only tech terms is a great way to get quickly dismissed. To better your odds, learn how to adequately convey your idea in layman’s terms. Not only will your pitch make the company you are working for more likely to pick up your idea, but it will also make the entire transaction run more smoothly.

Simplicity is Golden

One of the biggest issues that app developers run into is complexity. Once apps begin to come together, they tend to seem very simplistic and have been an easy design. It is this simplicity that should be sought after. Unfortunately, many see that simplicity as a reason to add only more complex features to an app. While making an app more complicated may increase its functionality, it often just makes it a mess and way to complicated for users. Always try to keep apps as user-friendly and as simple as possible. Not only will it be easier to design, but it will also be easier to use – which will more likely make it a hit.

Know Your Limits

Business owners don’t often know how much is too much design, and you often have to let them know when enough is enough. Never be afraid to tell a client that adding that other additional feature will destroy the app or slow it down so much that it might as well not exist. They hired you to be their expert, and although they may continue to make absurd request, will most likely respect the boundaries you set in place because of your professional expertise.

Smartphone app design is only going to continue to grow in popularity. The field is already incredibly competitive; however, if an app designer also knows how to be an effective business man or woman, he or she will most likely be able to achieve success and stay ahead of other designer desperately seeking to develop the next Angry Birds.

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