Smart professionals are always on a lookout for apps that would enhance and facilitate their professional work.

If you belong to this bunch of smart professionals who are trendsetters and highly effective when it comes to the performance of their jobs, you should always maintain a keen eye for the latest smart apps in Google Play and Apple Store.

Every once in awhile, you will get acquainted with apps that add “something more” to your professional life. You surely wouldn’t want to be left out when it comes to finding these highly innovative apps online.

To keep abreast of the latest apps used by professionals, it would surely be advantageous for you to check out these apps.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Having a smooth communication is basically one of the advantages of highly-effective professionals.

Anywhere and anytime, you would certainly want to have instantaneous meetings with people who matter most to your business and work. Your need for instantaneous meetings is readily addressed by Cisco WebEx Meetings which is open for Android, iOS, and Blackberry users.

Cisco WebEx app would readily allow you to indulge in meetings anywhere and anytime. Using this app, you can easily get connected to any web conference via a two-way video with a cool camera switcher.

The WebEx app stands out above the rest by its smart features. Moreover, it allows you to attach files via the meeting space; and while video-chatting, you can present a file for a clearer discussion.

TripIt app—the Travel Organizer

tripit-iconIf you travel a lot, you have to be organized, and there is no better way to get organized than to have an app that would enable you to keep track of your travel appointments and itinerary. That’s TripIt. You can do this with the app or by simply forwarding your travel plans to [email protected].

Afterward, the app would automatically catalog your travels and plans in an organized and detailed list of the itinerary with clear delineation of times, dates, directions, confirmation numbers, weather, and maps. This app is surely a smart way to get your travel logs organized.

How this social media app is adapting to quarantine


Well, if you want your file to be well-organized, there is no better way to smartly do it than to make use of Dropbox. As a file-hosting service, Dropbox definitely makes your professional files systematically arranged and organized.

Using Dropbox, you can easily create a folder on your computer which Dropbox would readily synchronize. Anywhere you view this folder the file will exhibit the same content.

Using your Dropbox app, you can view this folder with ease. The app can be used with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and BlackBerry.


mymailThe valuable myMail app is another mobile app that you can utilize to manage and organize your multiple email accounts. The value and importance of myMail come to the fore, especially, when you are using your mobile phone while browsing your multiple email accounts.

This app was intelligently conceived to coordinate your various email accounts so that you can view them at once using your mobile phone. Moreover, its data compression property speeds up the delivery of your emails by eventually decreasing data usage.

Other features of myMail include its ability to enable you to attach many images at once. Likewise, it has a feature which enables you to integrate your address book. Furthermore, its avatars and icons can readily make your messages very personal. Aside from its managing capability, it also has other good features which would surely facilitate communication for you.

Tango Text, Voice, and Video Calls

Tango is definitely one of the apps that can help you get in touch with people who matter to your professional life. It is a messaging app which offers one of the best video calling features. Calls and messages via Tango are free of charge. Likewise, this app is easy to navigate and has a beautiful design.

EasilyDo app

easilydoMany apps are aching to be your favorite personal assistant, and one of these apps is the EasilyDo app. This app can help you manage your schedules and enables you to keep track of your deliveries and receipts.

It basically facilitates every aspect of your professional life by helping you coordinate your schedules and different messages. Likewise, it would even help you remember the birthdays of valuable people in your professional life and remind you to send them greetings.


If there is something that you would like to primarily achieve, you would surely want to achieve a breakneck speed in sending your emails. The good thing about Hop is that it can transform your inbox into something like an instant messenger, enabling you to speedily send and receive email.


You would definitely want to be in control of everything, for that is the mark of highly effective professionals. Hence, you would surely love Sidekick, for with this app, you will know exactly who is tinkering with your emails;

You would surely figure out how many times your emails were viewed when your emails were viewed, and in what places your emails were viewed. This level of security is definitely one of the things that a highly professional person should aim for, and Sidekick can provide you with it.


happening-appHappening is surely one of the apps that would help you expand your professional network. What it does best is it enables you to discover the different networking events within your city or area. Hence, Happening is indeed a very useful tool for network expansion.


If you want an app that would facilitate the brainstorming process for you and generate new concepts and approaches in doing your work, then MindNode is definitely the app that you need. MindNode helps you create a visual diagram of your interconnected thoughts so that you can choose the most efficient way of doing things.

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