Content is king: here’s how to make sure your website is worthy to serve it

You already know that content is the king, but are you really giving it the privileges it deserves? Most of us are still making several mistakes when it comes to making content worthy enough of our visitors’ time. We are doing the best that we can to attract them, but not delivering much – just have a look … [Read more...]

10 tips to help your e-commerce store find success online

Starting an e-commerce site may sound a little perplexing but it is actually not as difficult as how other people perceive it. In recent years, the e-commerce industry has been growing steadily as more and more people are buying commodities through the internet. That being said, the harsh reality is that … [Read more...]

Strange Facebook bug is killing everyone

I mean, it's either a bug or the overlords finally pulled the plug on our simulation. Oddly enough, I don't appear to have been affected by this... so take that as you will. I'll miss Ev (Mandy). … [Read more...]

How freelancers can attract more clients with just a couple clicks

How many millennials do you know that are currently freelancing or are self-employed? Are they photographers, real-estate agents, eBay sellers? Almost 55 million Americans are freelancing today due to the economic situation and a desire for more independence, especially among millennials. That’s 35% of the … [Read more...]

How I made my site faster than 90% of sites on the web

Speed is important on the web. People don't like to wait around for things to load anymore -- we're way past the years of dialup (at least in most first-world countries). So it stands to reason that if you run a website, it needs to be fast. This is actually I've said for quite some time, and Google has said … [Read more...]

Can the next boy band come from YouTube?

YouTube has become the standard for videos. With no limit to the style of content, almost every type of video has been uploaded at one time or another, and unless you have been living under a rock you have either a YouTube account or login to get your daily video fill. Most people who surf YouTube never … [Read more...]

Fraud: the biggest threat to the AdTech industry

The Video AdTech industry is currently facing a major adversary: fraud. AdTech fraud can come in many forms: bots, duplicate requests from the same user or IP, duplicate impressions ... and the list goes on. Having an accurate assessment of who is actually watching your advertisement is incredibly important … [Read more...]

This search company just released a powerful search plugin for WordPress

No one likes not being able to find something they are looking for. That's why everyone loves Google--it's fast, easy to use, and 9 times out of 10 will help you find what we're looking for. But unfortunately not every company has access to Google-type resources to improve their website's own search … [Read more...]

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