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Tweetie 2, the successor to Tweetie is currently available in the App Store for $2.99.  It is not a free update, but it is definitely worth it for people who loved the original Tweetie.  Tweetie 2 brings some nice new functionality to the already outstanding app.  New notable features include, new message indicators, video support (need an iPhone 3GS), new refresh functionality, additional third party services support, new search functionality, draft manager, new tweeting options, iPhone contact manager support, new nearby functionality, and more.

The full breakdown of the new features in Tweetie 2 is below:

New message indicators in Tweetie 2 are now blue “lights” under your timeline, mentions, and direct messages.

Video support is not built-in to Tweetie 2 (again, you need the iPhone 3GS) via TwitVid and yFrog.

New refresh functionality has been implemented, you no longer need to click the refresh icon just simply scroll up and let go.

Additional third party service support including, TweetBlock, and FollowCost have been implemented.

New search functionality has been implemented in the timeline and mentions so you can quickly find tweets on particular topics.

The new draft manager is much improved and allows you to hold more than one draft.

New tweeting options including the ability to geotag tweets (using Google Maps currently), send video tweets, mail tweets, translate tweets, search hashtags and users easily from the tweeting window.

Create iPhone contacts from Twitter profiles with ease by simply clicking the contact card icon in a users profile.

Landscape support is now available within the entire application.

New Nearby feature includes Google Maps as well as a list of recent tweets from near you.  This feature uses Google Maps currently as well, but I expect it to move over to Twitter’s new geo-location feature whenever that is rolled out.

Improved threaded conversations have been implemented in Tweetie 2.  Similar to the way threaded conversations work on Tweetie for Mac (when you click a tweet it brings up the thread of tweets for the conversation), you can now click a tweet and then click the “In reply to” button which will show you the what that tweet was in response to.  Handy.

Track your shortened URL’s using your account.  Simply configure your user name and API key in the Tweetie 2 settings to keep track of any shortened URL’s you tweet out on the go.

Lastly, with Tweetie 2 for Mac coming soon, I expect to see syncing abilities between both applications to create a more seamless experience when going from the desktop to the iPhone and vice versa.

Have you tried Tweetie 2 yet?  What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment!

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