Most people will now be finding themselves getting back into that daily grind now that the festive holidays are over. It can be a pretty depressing time so it’s likely that many will be on the lookout for ways to help them recover from the end of year holidays. With smartphones playing a huge role in everyday life nowadays apps could be the answer. So which apps should people be downloading right now to beat off the post-holiday blues?


First things first, music can solve anything and when it comes to music you literally should look no further than Spotify. It’s an app that is available for both Android and iOS users that instantly connects people to one of the largest music libraries in the world. It has every genre covered so there’s always something for everyone when it comes to taste and there’s also the opportunity for people to discover something completely different or to have a listen to a few classics. It’s a must have app to help everyone over the excesses of the holidays.


Social media is a huge part of peoples’ everyday lives, with many using numerous platforms on a daily basis. As time has gone on, the way people communicate has started to change. Nowadays people spend more time communicating through the use of pictures, video and live streaming, rather than posting status updates and tweets. Instagram is sure to be the social media app of choice in 2018 and it’s always being improved too. It’s one that everyone should use to reminisce all the fun times under the Christmas tree and New Years party, as well as catching up on what friends and family got up to during the festive season.

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Words With Friends 2

A great way to relax after the hectic holidays is to get stuck into an engrossing mobile game and you won’t go wrong by downloading Words With Friends 2. It’s the world’s most popular mobile world game, and it was a huge success first time around; but now it’s back and better than ever. It’s been intelligently redesigned to make it much more engaging and there are new game modes as well as over 50,000 new words. It’s another addictive mobile game from market leaders Zynga.

Unibet Casino

For some people, playing a game just for fun isn’t quite enough and they need a bit more of a thrill. Step forward the Unibet Casino app. People can delve straight in and play to win big money in a variety of different ways. There are over 250 slot games which include some of the most popular titles such as Gonzo’s Quest, as well as ones with progressive jackpots too. There’s also the traditional online casino table games as well as Live Casino action too. If anyone is looking for an exciting app where they can win real money, they should download Unibet Casino. This could be the perfect app to recoup some cash spent on presents and heavy partying.

Amazon Kindle

Some people will just want to spend some ‘alone time’ and what better way than to chill out by getting stuck in a book or two, or even have one read to you? The popularity of books has been on the decline for a while in their traditional form, with many opting to read on their smartphones and tablets. Amazon Kindle is simple the best eBook reader and users also get access to a huge library too. If reading isn’t your thing, a lot of the titles come with Audible narration too.

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