With over 1 billion users, Instagram has become a huge marketplace — it’s the place to be and the place to be seen. The platform offers numerous possibilities for business growth, and social media automation tools can help us with all of them.

However, the trick is knowing which tools to use and how. Social media marketing is a must for business these days, and social media automation tools make it easy for us to manage our online presence across multiple accounts.

We will be taking a look at some of the most popular Instagram automation tools. By the end, anyone will be able to make an informed decision and buy just the right tool.

A typical social media automation setup

In order to successfully set up social media automation, we first need to be familiar with concepts like VPS, Instagram bots, Instagram proxies, etc.

Instagram bots are the ones doing all the work for us. They are out there liking, following, commenting, and doing everything we need them to do. Still, for them to work, they need a VPS or a proxy.

Instagram proxies are used to disguise our presence. These proxies can work from our computers, but Instagram will see our accounts as connecting from different IP address. Also, we can use a VPS and have our Instagram bot working 24/7 without having to keep our personal computer on.

GMT2 (Grammultitool)

GMT2(Grammultitool) is a tool dedicated solely to Instagram. It uses software that mimics the Instagram app perfectly, which, according to their website, makes it impossible to detect our Instagram bot. However, it runs on Windows only. For other operating systems, we would need a virtual machine or a VPS that runs Windows.

GMT2 doesn’t offer Instagram proxies through their software. Instead, they refer us to StormProxies. They do recommend using proxies, but we can opt out of doing so.

As far as the prices go —  it’s one of the cheaper options. We can get a free trial period for one week and then pay $10 a month, which will give us premium support and unlimited account support. Additionally, the tool is beginner-friendly but offers features for more advanced users too.

GMT2 Features:

  • Auto-follow
  • Auto-unfollow
  • Auto-like
  • Auto-comment
  • Direct Message
  • Delete Posts
  • Repost
  • Post Scheduling
  • Live Stream
  • Stats
  • Templates
  • Hashtag Generation
  • User Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Spintax & Emoji
  • Embed Browser
  • Verification
  • Filters
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Jarvee uses Instagram bots and recommends using residential proxies to help us with all of our automation needs. It runs each Instagram account with its own Instagram proxy to increase privacy and security. As a result, it lowers the chance of our account getting banned.

Jarvee runs on Windows only, so in order to use it with a different operating system, we will need a virtual machine or a VPS that runs Windows.

As far as the features go, it has all of the tools that a small or startup business needs. However, even though Jarvee has more options, these can make it a bit overwhelming for beginners. Still, advanced users could set up Jarvee for multiple accounts, which will further automate growth and help them engage their audiences.

Jarvee Features:

  • Posts Scheduling
  • Auto-Repost
  • Auto-Follow
  • Follow-Back
  • Unfollow
  • Auto-Like
  • Auto-Comment
  • Delete Posts
  • Delete comments
  • Contact Prospects
  • Manage Your Direct Messages
  • Hashtag Research
  • Block Followers
  • Find and Extract Targeted Users
  • Manage Comments
  • Delete Comments
  • Like Comments
  • Save Posts
  • Proxy Support
  • Import Data from Other Tools
  • Spin syntax


Followliker has all the features we’ve already mentioned, and then some. We can get this Instagram add-on with a one-time payment of $100, plus a $7 monthly fee after the first month. Additionally, unlike some other Instagram automation tools, it can run on both Windows and Mac. Still, we do recommend buying a VPS nonetheless.

Followliker is a somewhat straightforward program, so there’s just a small learning curve to it. What’s more, it is cheaper in the long run, especially if we need to manage a lot of accounts. It even has a tool for assigning proxies, so we can use public or private proxies as we deem fit with each of our accounts.

Followliker Features:

  • Follow users
  • Unfollow users
  • Upload photos
  • Like photos
  • Unlike photos
  • Comment on photos.
  • Send Direct Messages
  • User Search
  • Photo Search
  • Blacklist Users
  • White-list Users
  • Assign Proxies
  • Run Multiple Accounts
  • Schedule Tasks
  • View Account Details

Why do these tools need proxies for Instagram?

If we want to automate our Instagram accounts and use Instagram automation tools, we need an Instagram proxy.

To prevent our accounts from getting blocked, we need Instagram proxies to act as intermediaries between our computer and Instagram.

Instagram proxies change our IP address and mask our identity and location. Even if we opt out of using a VPS, without a proxy, Instagram will be able to track multiple accounts connections back to a single user. Still, it goes without saying that if we want to make this work, we should opt for trusted proxy providers only.

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The two most common types of proxies are datacenter and residential proxies. Datacenter proxies hide our IP address behind fixed (dedicated) IP addresses rented from datacenter or hosting providers.

In contrast, residential proxies can connect to an IP address from an actual home, which can be anywhere in the world — making them almost impossible to detect as proxies.

Which one to choose?

We might feel a bit overwhelmed when choosing the best social media automation tool. However, it’s important to consider our budget, skill level, and our business and marketing priorities.

If we are just starting out and don’t want to invest a lot of money in a social media automation tool right away — GMT2 might be the best solution. It offers a free 7-day trial, so we can check if it fits our needs.

Jarvee is one of the pricier automation tools out there, but it has more options, and we can use it on a multitude of platforms. However, the more options we have, the higher the learning curve is. We would recommend it to more advanced users, rather than beginners.

Finally, Followliker is cheaper than other tools, can be used with both Windows and Mac and is very user- and beginner-friendly. It combines the best of both worlds, as it gives us everything we need and makes it easy for us to automate our Instagram at a fair price. Therefore, it might be the perfect solution for those who are just starting to realize the value of Instagram and social media.

Final thoughts

Starting our Instagram business journey can be a scary thing; however, it’s a must in the 21st century. Social media allows us to connect and interact with our audiences, as well as sell our products fast and with more ease than ever before. Hence, social media marketing comes with a lot of responsibility.

Luckily, social media automation tools take all of this pressure off and save us some valuable time. They act as a dedicated team that only works on our page 24/7. Consequently, they allow us to shut down our computers and leave our Instagram bots running and working for us all day long. All we need to do is choose the tool that works best for us and allows us to easily satisfy all of our social media needs.

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