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Timehop Adds Support for Twitter Archives

Well, that was quick.

If you’re one of the few, lucky Twitter users with access to the Twitter archives feature we covered earlier today, you can now import that archive into Timehop, a service that shows you what you posted on a number of social networks one year ago to the day. The one-year limit, of course, likely had more to do with Twitter’s 3,200 tweet history limit for users of its API, but it seems that Timehop now has a way around that thanks to the archives feature.

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Twitter Rolling Out Feature to Let You Download Your Archive

“Eating lunch.” This was the first tweet I ever sent, and it happened back on July 25, 2007. Between then and now, I’ve tweeted 27,012 more times, although Twitter only allows me to access the last 3,200 or so. While the first could have been better in hindsight, there is still a lot of personal history stored up in all of those 140-character-or-less updates. Unfortunately, I — along with millions of other Twitter users — haven’t had a way to check them out. It’s been like a sort of Twitter amnesia, where a large chunk of our memories have gone missing.

That begins to change today, as Twitter has officially started the roll-out of what it calls “Your Twitter Archive;” a feature that allows you to download every single one of the tweets (and retweets) you sent out on the service, starting with the very first.

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Twitter Adds Option to Share Tweets via Email

Have you ever come across a tweet that was so interesting, informative, or funny that you just had to share it with someone who isn’t on Twitter? I can’t say with honesty that I have, but Twitter is betting that such people exist. That’s why, today, the company has rolled out a new feature that allows users to share tweets with non-Twitter users via email.

So, how does it work?

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