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Internet Explorer 9 Ad Campaign Asks Reddit Users For Feedback

Microsoft really needs Internet Explorer 9 to be a hit amongst web users.  In an effort to improve IE 9, which is currently in beta and available for download Microsoft is trying a new approach to gather some (perhaps brutally) honest feedback.  In their latest ad campaign, Microsoft has reached out to the Reddit team to post a story on their blog about the upcoming release of IE 9 requesting them to ask users for feedback on the product.

While it’s not uncommon for companies to use social media as part of their advertising campaigns, it is uncommon to let the social media site manage the campaign for you.  According to the Reddit blog, “Microsoft is getting ready to release Internet Explorer 9, and they reached out to us because they genuinely want to start a dialog with the reddit community. In fact, they’ve taken the unprecedented step of putting the reddit team in charge of this entire campaign.

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