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AT&T Offering Unlimited Inter-Network Mobile to Mobile Calling

Over the last five years or so, mobile phones have become more widely available and widely used in society to the degree that just about everywhere you go you will see at least one person – if not many – using a mobile phone to stay in touch.  Be it business persons communicating with colleagues or friends and families engaging in conversation, we have become a society where mobile communication is almost a natural component of our everyday lives.  As far as mobile networks go, each and every mobile user uses a network because it is the best option for them; often looking at the combination of cost and reliability of several carriers.  But how many of your friends use the same network that you do?  Think about it.  I highly doubt that you and all of your friends and acquaintances use the same carrier.

While there’s nothing wrong with communicating with users on other mobile networks, the fact of the matter is that by making mobile calls outside of your mobile network you often pass up the “unlimited mobile to mobile” option that many carriers offer, allowing users on the same network to talk to one-another without burning through airtime.  These perks have been widely a big selling point for mobile plans ever since cell phones went mainstream.  However, because of the number of mobile networks out there, these plans rarely save consumers such as you or myself a great deal of airtime (or money) because of the inner-network limitation.

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FaceTime-Like Technology Heading to Android?

One of the most attractive features about the Apple iPhone 4 (and now the iPod Touch as well) is the FaceTime video conferencing technology. For those that are unfamiliar with this feature, it essentially allows parties to use built-in cameras on the handsets to place real-time video calls over WiFi. However, many people argue that being limited to WiFi is a major setback of the application. But I for one believe that WiFi communications technology is truly a step in the right direction for mobile communications.

Today, T-Mobile – one of the largest mobile carriers in the country – announced that they will be introducing WiFi-based audio calling on many equipped Android handsets. In short, this feature would allow end-users to place and receive phone calls and SMS message on their handsets, using WiFi connections when a cellular signal was unavailable. These calls (both foreign and international) would be priced lower than if they were carried out on the cellular network. For people in corporate environments or locations where cellular signals are less than sufficient, this new feature could be an amazing convenience.

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