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Five Rules for Writing a Killer Blog Post

It seems that every time you turn around, another blog or website has popped up somewhere on the Internet.  Don’t get me wrong; it truly warms my heart to know that people are able to share their ideas, opinions, and points of view with the world.  That’s what the Internet is for, right?  However, I have recently noticed a troubling amount of sites that have poorly structured articles and posts that ultimately lack in content and usefulness.  Last July, I wrote a post (as part of larger series) about what drives users to websites.  In this article, I did my best to hammer in the fact that a website’s success revolves entirely around the quality of its content.

But what is quality content?  And better yet, how can you create it?  Yesterday my 150th post for BestTechie was published, and given this milestone number I have decided to put together a list of five rules – many of which I have learned by trial and error – that help to create the type of unique and insightful content that ultimately brings traffic to a website.

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How To: Setup Google Analytics

In my recent article series entitled “Why You’re Not Gettin’ Any”, I discussed why websites do not generate their full potential in terms of traffic and profit. Hands down, the most important aspect of this was the concept of gaining more visitors to your site. After all, visitors are ultimately the key to getting higher numbers of comments and replies, sponsors, donations, and ecommerce sales. But the sad fact for many is that they simply do not know how many visitors their site is getting. So how do you track your websites traffic?

Google Analytics is a truly amazing service that allows you to not only track how many visitors your website is getting, but where they are coming from and what they are viewing as well. This type of information can help you make decisions in regards to choosing a targeted audience, and ultimately bringing more people to your site.

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