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Will the BlackBerry PlayBook Struggle to Attract Developers?

It’s no secret that mobile communication devices (tablets in general) are the “in” thing in the tech industry right now.  After releasing the first generation iPad last year, Apple grandfathered an entirely revolutionary and previously unheard of market; one that many didn’t think would go far at all.  But here we are now, just a tad more than a year later, and the struggle on the part of retail stores to maintain stock on the second generation iPad speaks for itself in terms of the tablet computer’s popularity and overall success with consumers as a whole.  And with the outstanding success of the iPad product line, the last year has brought way to a number of other companies rolling out their own tablet computers in moves quite obviously devised to take a stab at Apple’s stronghold in this promising market.

One of the companies that has been working to anchor into the tablet industry has been Resources In Motion; the company that is best-known for producing and developing the BlackBerry smartphone line.  After previously discussing the PlayBook in January I more recently looked at the viability of RIM‘s tablet computer in a critical light, questioning if users would be willing to give the device a go despite the fact that it wasn’t priced any lower than the already established Apple iPad.

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Will the PlayBook Be Successful?

A little more than a year ago when Steve Jobs first unveiled the Apple iPad many saw the device as revolutionary; not only in terms of grandfathering the tablet industry with previously unheard of features, but in terms of the price as well.  With baseline models starting at just $499 (16GB, WiFi), the iPad was definitely competitively priced; especially for an Apple product.  The iPad’s price-point, in my opinion, is one of the reasons that the iPad came to be as successful as it was.  Now that the second-generation iPad has hit the open market sporting more features than one could have previously imagined, the iPad’s pricing scheme is more competitive than ever.

With that in mind, pricing is one of the biggest aspects in making another tablet product competitive on the mobile market.  Because let’s face it; with the current state of our economy, people sometimes often evaluate price more than the quality or feature behind a product.  Recently, Research in Motion (RIM) formally announced the pricing structure for the BlackBerry Playbook; a device that hypothetically speaking could take the once-prestige mobile giant in a whole new (and profitable) direction.

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