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Best Buy Selling Surface Pro 1 at $500 this Weekend: Is It Worth It?

Today, news circulated tech sites that Best Buy was offering a pretty amazing deal this weekend: the original Surface Pro, which only came out roughly a year ago, is on offer for $500. That’s a $400 discount from its regular retail price of $900. For those who’ve been looking to get into tablet PCs, this might be the … [Read more...]

Best Buy Offers Steep Discount on iPhone 5S, Drops Price to $125

If you're in the market for the newest iPhone model, the iPhone 5S, holding out a few months past its release date has worked out in your favor. Electronics retailer Best Buy is now offering Apple's flagship smartphone at a steep discount: $125 when you sign up for a two-year agreement, according to CNET. That price is the … [Read more...]

The Best Black Friday Gaming Deals: All the Same, Really

Where video games are concerned, you're never going to see the kind of crazy Black Friday price cuts that you will from other products, because gamers are usually knowledgeable about their hobby. A generic electronics company can occasionally put out a usable gadget. Can a low-budget game studio recreate a triple-A title at … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-up: FCC Weighs In-Flight Calls; Sprint and Best Buy Offer Free Wireless to Students

Thanks for stopping by for this week's edition of the Weekend Wrap-up, where we take a look at some of the biggest stories from the past week in tech. We had a pretty quiet week, absent of blockbuster stories, but we're ready to run down the most interesting ones nonetheless. Let's get to it. FCC May Allow Cell Phone Calls … [Read more...]

Sprint and Best Buy Offer Students Free Year of Mobile Service

Despite the fact that they’ve become pretty ubiquitous in all parts of modern society, cell phones ain’t cheap. The handsets themselves are often high-ticket items even after they’re subsidized by expensive monthly service bills, which are bundled into two-year long contracts. Needless to say, actually affording a phone and … [Read more...]

Did Amazon Just Save USPS with its Sunday Delivery Partnership?

You don’t get mail on Sundays; for as long as the United States Postal Service has been around, that’s been the case. But this weekend, retailing mega-giant Amazon may have just rewritten the rules by partnering with the USPS to provide Sunday delivery for its consumers. The move is being lauded as what may save the … [Read more...]

Next Week, Best Buy Will Trade You a $100 Gift Card for Any Smartphone if You Buy an iPhone 5s or 5c

"Will you take my Motorola Rokr?" That's a real thing you could hear next week at a Best Buy near you, as customers bring in their smartphones -- or phones they hope qualify as smartphones -- for the retailer's latest trade-in special. From Oct. 13-19, you can take any smartphone into Best Buy and exchange it for at least a … [Read more...]

Best Buy might not be wiping open box Macs completely

When you return an item to Best Buy, are you sure that you're wiping all of the data off of your machine? If not, it's imperative that you do so, at least if you own a Mac. My latest experience purchasing an open box MacBook Air leads me to believe that not all Geek Squad members are particularly knowledgable when it comes … [Read more...]

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