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How To: Remove DRM From Your Music

DRM, short for, Digital Rights Management can be quite a pain to deal with due to the restrictions it puts on the music or movies/videos you downloaded (and paid for) from online music services.  Granted, that while DRM is slowly dying, it’s still around in some places and causing trouble.  It’s also possible that even if your current music service is DRM free (such as iTunes) it wasn’t in the past and now they want you to pay an “upgrade fee” to get the DRM free version of the song which you bought over a year ago.  So how exactly can you go about removing that pesky DRM from the music and movies you paid for?  The best solution I have found is an application called Tunebite by Audials.

Tunebite provides a number of features and excellent functionality.  The way Tunebite works is that when you install the application it will create twelve (12) virtual sound cards which it uses to play and re-record the song without the DRM.  This method through my testing and usage has proved highly effective.  It’s fast (this also depends on your computer specifications) and provides excellent quality recordings.  They sound identical and for anyone who knows me I’m an audio quality freak.  It even provides a “Perfect Audio” feature which guarantees an 100% perfect audio output.  Note: using the perfect audio feature may cause a slower conversion process due to the program comparing the files bit by bit.

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