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Amazon Releases Cloud Drive

Just a week ago today, I wrote an article about Amazon – one of the biggest players in the online sales arena – and how they could hit major pay dirty if they were to use their existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to create a consumer-focused service similar to Apple’s MobileMe product.  In this article, I discussed the fact that Amazon could significantly expand their web services department to an audience outside of the developers and other savvy individuals that they currently cater to, and that by making products that everyone could use, the company would have such a greater potential.  Moreover, I came to the conclusion that for a company such as Amazon that already has the staff and engineering backend in place, creating a rock-solid MobileMe competitor wouldn’t be nearly as big of a feat as some would imagine.

When I wrote this article, I was speaking purely hypothetically.  While I honestly did want to see a MobileMe competitor, I doubted that Amazon would act on such plans for at least a matter of months.  So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and read that Amazon released a new consumer-based service dubbed “Cloud Drive” early this morning.

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CloudBerry S3 Explorer Giveaway

A few months back I had the opportunity to test-drive CloudBerry Labs’ “S3 Explorer” software after beginning to Amazon’s S3 storage platform.  After having used a few other S3 management utilities, I honestly found that none of them were quite up to par with S3 Explorer’s robust – yet entirely powerful – user interface.  In fact, I even said that the product usability and sheer power was “well worth the $40 price-tag” because it allowed you to make the most out of Amazon S3.

One of the things that impresses me about S3 Explorer is that it has so many uses.  Not only can it help you to manage miscellaneous files stored on S3, but it can easily aid you in hosting a static website on Amazon’s storage platform, and can be adapted to become a superb desktop backup utility.  Essentially, CloudBerry S3 Explorer makes S3 usable for “average” users instead of simply developers and large-scale operations.

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