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Samsung Launches Brand New Ad In Response to iPhone 5

Well, that didn’t take long. Samsung just released a brand new advertisement which reads as a spec sheet comparing the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy S III. The ad, with the headline of “It doesn’t take a genius” goes on to compare each smartphone spec by spec, not forgetting to mention that the new iPhone has a totally different plug.

A quick look at the ad, makes it appear in a straight spec for spec comparison of the iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III that the Galaxy S III would have the iPhone 5 beat.  Of course, there are several additional things on that list that are missing that would even out the playing field.  At the end of the day it’s the consumers choice to vote with their wallets and despite the new Samsung ad, Apple sold out of its first batch of iPhone 5’s in just under an hour early Friday morning. You can see the full ad in all its glory below.

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The AdSense +1 Button is a Win-Win for Everyone

When Google announced that their AdSense service, the ad platform used by thousands of advertisers and implemented on countless websites throughout the Internet, was going to add the +1 button for social recommendations on advertisements, I was initially very critical of the move.  Sure, Jeff had previously made a very good point when writing about the need to build social features into modern advertising on the Internet, but I myself was still very skeptical about the whole concept.  I mean, while I realize that online advertising is an important component that allows the Internet as we know it to exist, but I simply could not see how “social” advertising would take off and why any user would waste their time with socially built ads knowing that all they were doing was helping Google and its advertisers.

But after thinking about it a bit more, I have personally come to the conclusion that the +1 button in advertisements is going to be a killer feature.  Not only do I think that this new feature is going to pay off for Google, but in the long run I think that everyone will be able to benefit from this new feature, including Google’s advertisers and even end-users like you and me.

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My Problem With Affiliate Links

While most of the people who take the time and effort want to write a valuable review choose to do so in order to assist other users in making their buying decisions, the fact of the matter is that just like in the streets of the real world the Internet is filled with people looking to make a buck off of your trusting them. This is where the abuse of affiliate links comes into play.

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