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Adobe Launches Photoshop Apps for iPad

Looking back at it now, it’s really funny to think that a little more than a year ago when the iPad first came out many people saw it as nothing more than a web browsing device.  Sure, the device didn’t have bad specs at all for its time but admittedly the first generation iPad was nowhere near comparable to the improvements Apple made in the iPhone 4 just a couple of months later.  Now with the release of the second generation iPad, Apple has really gone all-out in making the consumer tablet device more power-packed and able to take on much more resource-intensive tasks.  The new dual-core A5 processor, for example, gives the device the ability to rum much more demanding (and entertaining) games and opens the door for a whole new era of professional tablet applications; a component that I feel is key in making the iPad a part of day-to-day professional life.

With the iPad 2 sporting absolutely stunning graphics it was only a matter of time until someone took advantage of them for something productive.  This week Adobe – a company known for their advanced professional media applications – has released three apps in the iPad’s App Store utilizing the “Photoshop” brand name.  Now, when this news first caught my eye earlier today I initially was under the impression that Adobe had released a fully featured version of Adobe Photoshop for the iPad.  Needless to say I was a bit let down when I found out that the applications weren’t in any way close to being mobile versions of Photoshop, but nonetheless I think Adobe deserves kudos for what they have released.

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