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Panasonic Goes Big with 20-inch 4K Windows 8 Tablet

In Panisonictopia, bigger is always better. The company knows there’s a market out there for tablet users who just aren’t satisfied with the portability of 7 and 10-inch devices; folks who always have a friend available to help them carry a much larger tablet around. Panasonic hasn’t quite hit my target size yet — I’m still waiting for that 60-inch tablet that will really put your iPad to shame — but it’s working its way up the megatablet ladder by introducing a 20-inch, 4K resolution Windows 8 tablet. For those who aren’t familiar with 4K, it’s a resolution of 3840 by 2160, or 4096 by 2160. To contrast, your puny fourth-generation iPad’s resolution is only 2048 by 1536. I’m sorry, Retina what?

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