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1Password Review

After I purchased my MacBook Pro earlier this month, I began looking at the wide range of Mac OS X software titles.  Having previously used – and having been extremely satisfied with – KeePassX to manage my passwords and logins while using Linux, I was disappointed to hear from others that the OS X version of the application was extremely unstable and unusable.  So, in my search for awesome OS X applications, one of the software titles that quickly caught my eye was 1Password – a password management application developed by Agile Web Solutions.  Note: We have a license to giveaway for the Mac or Windows version so watch the video at the bottom of this review for more details.

Now, after having used KeePass for so long, I honestly doubted that I would find any password manager that would come close to matching KeePass’s usability, ease of use, and function.  But, after hearing so many good things about 1Password from a number of customers online, I ended up purchasing 1Password before my MBP even arrived.

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