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Six Mac OS X Applications That I Couldn’t Live Without

Being somewhat of a new Mac OS X user, one of the things that I find to be great about the operating system is the vast selection of applications that help me to remain be more efficient and productive.  Now, I’m not a huge term of the term “power user” because it simply sounds too cliché, but as an individual that spends a better part of my “awake time” on my Mac I have come to cling to a handful of applications – many written and developed by extremely devoted and open-minded independent developers – that I simply could not live without.  So without further ado, in no particular order, here are five of my favorite and most used OS X applications.


Back in March when I bought my MacBook Pro one of the first applications that I purchased and installed was 1Password.  As the name suggests, the applications is built to manage passwords, keys, login credentials, personal notes, registration identities, and even software licenses from a simple database-like layout.  With features like entry tagging and organizational folders, 1Password makes it incredibly easy to manage strong and unique passwords; something that has become a must with all of the security breaches with large companies and services over the past couple of months.  Combine this with the ability to automatically fill and submit login entries on websites and 1Password is an amazing time-saver.

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1Password Review

After I purchased my MacBook Pro earlier this month, I began looking at the wide range of Mac OS X software titles.  Having previously used – and having been extremely satisfied with – KeePassX to manage my passwords and logins while using Linux, I was disappointed to hear from others that the OS X version of the application was extremely unstable and unusable.  So, in my search for awesome OS X applications, one of the software titles that quickly caught my eye was 1Password – a password management application developed by Agile Web Solutions.  Note: We have a license to giveaway for the Mac or Windows version so watch the video at the bottom of this review for more details.

Now, after having used KeePass for so long, I honestly doubted that I would find any password manager that would come close to matching KeePass’s usability, ease of use, and function.  But, after hearing so many good things about 1Password from a number of customers online, I ended up purchasing 1Password before my MBP even arrived.

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