• Songs for Weddings, tributes and special events completely personalized. 
  • Music personalization taken to the next level: The artist that creates a song also sends a personalized voice note greeting to the customer, establishing a connection with the artist

Have you ever wanted to create a song from an idea that you have in your head? This could be a lyric you wrote that you think is great or maybe you just have the desire to write a song for a person you love. Not all of us are blessed with great musical ability or can play a musical instrument. Luckily for us, the people at Songlorious.com have created a wonderful website where you can order a song to be written and produced for you, taking inspiration from the ideas you supply.

Who Can You Dedicate Your Song To?

The options are practically unlimited. If you go over to their website you will be able to see a list of their reviews, in these reviews people explain why they decided to have these songs written and produced for them. Some people are motivated by a happy celebration, such as a wedding day or a birthday. While others had songs written in tribute to someone they have lost.

At Songlorious your simple idea can be transformed into a full-fledged, professionally produced, and well-mixed song. You can also choose from a list of genres. These genres are Country (Acoustic), Indie Rock, Country Rock, Indie Acoustic, 1960s Pop, Blues Rock, Dance/EDM, and lastly, Electro Pop.

How Does Songlorious Work?

The process of getting the team to write a song for you is conveniently easy. After you have chosen which genre you would like your music to be in you will be greeted with a page that will require you to fill in further information about how you want your song to turn out. The website goes into further detail and asks you to choose a mood for your song, ranging from happy, sad, funny, romantic, to reflective. Below that, you choose the length of your bespoke song, whether you’d like it to be 30 seconds (kind of like a greeting card), 1 minute, 2 minutes, or 3 minutes (this counts as a full song).

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Following that, you can choose how you would like your song to be delivered to you when it is done. You may choose to either simply download it, or download it along with the added option of having it published to various music streaming sites like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and others so you will be able to ask your friends and/or loved ones to look it up.

Most importantly, you get to choose who the song is for, the occasion for it, and what you want the song to be about. This is where you fill in all the details relevant to the subject of the song. You may choose to dedicate the song to a loved one, your significant other, or even yourself. You are also able to provide your own lyrics if you have any. If you don’t have your own lyrics, you can tell the producers what topics you want in the song, and then that is handled by the team.

What Was The Motivation Behind Songlorious?

The owners of this company were requested to create a song for one of their friends, to be played at their wedding. This song was obviously well received because they began to receive multiple offers from people who wanted a song to be created for them. Seeing the demand and with the passion they had for music, the idea for Songlorious was born.

Why Choose Songlorious?

Whatever needs you have or whatever feelings you are attempting to evoke, the talented team of Songlorious has you covered. Whether you want to have your own song or songs created to be played at a party with your friends, or you are looking to get a memorable and heartfelt gift for someone special to you, Songlorious offers you an opportunity to receive a song specially designed for whatever you may be feeling.

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Do you need a song for your wedding? Are you looking to pay tribute to someone? Or maybe you simply just want to see how your ideas can be turned into a killer song. If so then maybe Songlorious is what you are looking for

Songlorious.com has built a flawless reputation for producing songs tailored to people’s desires. Here is one review that I will leave you with from a very satisfied customer ‘took a very personal lyric and brought it to life , far far better than expected and worth every penny’

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