It’s an exciting time to be a gamer, we’re now finding out new info on the PS5 and Series X every month. Sony and Microsoft have gotten into a rhythm of staggering information on the PS5 and Series X as if they’re punching and counter punching with hype.

The Gaming Setup has put together a handy infographic with everything we know about the consoles prior to Microsoft’s July games announcement

While both machines have some distinct differences, we know that both are enormous leaps in power compared to PS4 and Xbox One. Both consoles will support 4k, 120 Hz, VRR and HDR, we’re expected to see more stable frame rates with ray tracing support in the next generation, we’re definitely excited to see what developers do with all that extra horsepower. 

There are a few key distinctions in the Series X and PS5 based on what we know. The PS5 has put more emphasis on SSD speeds and 3D audio. PS5’s SSDs are faster than anything on the market presently, with direct access to storage, while their Tempest 3D audio engine promises to bring more immersive gaming regardless of audio hardware. 

The Series X has stronger pure compute power and fantastic backwards compatibility with games even back to the OG Xbox. With Smart Delivery, Microsoft is promising upgraded visuals and HDR for a good portion of their backlog, they’re also protecting gamers from low-effort previous generation games. The Series X is designed to maximize airflow, which will no doubt enable the new Xbox to sustain its high core-clocks.

We still don’t know pricing for either console, maybe Microsoft will announce pricing in their next event. PS5 has shown some of their games with Horizon, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart headlining. No doubt Xbox will announce a bunch of new games with their 15 first party studios. One thing is for sure: the next-gen is looking mighty promising.

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