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Well, in a couple of hours from now I will be 21 years old.  That’s it.  The big 21.  I will be what they call “fully legal”.  Pretty neat.  Now what?  A very good question, I suppose I will have cake and maybe a drink (or a sip), but aside from that, I don’t think much will be different.  I could sit here and tell you that I plan on getting hammered, but that would most likely be a lie.  The truth is I’ve never really liked to drink.  I mean, I’d have some wine every now and again because my dad is into wine and he collects it.  In fact, he got a bottle of red wine from 1989 which we drank last night.  But overall, I’ve never been much of a drinker.

Any other changes?  Not to BestTechie or anything related that I can think of aside from the fact we just converted the design over to the Thesis Framework [affiliate link].  There are a number of tweaks to the design, but overall, it’s pretty much the same on the frontend.  I’d also like to thank Bill Erickson for his excellent work with BestTechie (he did the redesign, dealt with me, etc).  But  I still plan on doing what I do.  I still love technology.  I guess the only other major change is that my New York State drivers license won’t say UNDER 21 in big bold red letters.  Speaking of, where is my new one?

I’m also throwing myself a party.  It’s a laser tag party.  Why you ask?  Well, one because it’s fun.  Two, because, once I saw that episode of Castle where he was playing laser tag with his daughter I’ve been dying to play.  And lastly, because I haven’t had a birthday party for a while.

I normally don’t make personal posts on here, but this is a big birthday and even though not much is changing, I just wanted to share the moment with everyone.  So happy birthday to me and everyone else who was born on July 19th!

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