Google Sees Disappointing Nexus 6 Sales

It seems that I wasn’t the only Nexus fan disappointed by Google’s decision to make a phablet—Google CFO Patrick Pichette told shareholders that Nexus 6 sales were lower than expected after its debut late last year. According to 9to5Google, Pichette said that the Nexus line of devices has fallen this year, which has more … [Read more...]

Google Launches Project Fi, Exclusive to Nexus 6 Owners

Google finally announced its wireless phone service, Project Fi, on Wednesday. While many of the details had been steadily trickling out like a leaky hose, Google’s official announcement confirms a number of cool features that make it seem like a super attractive wireless option. Except for that whole “Nexus 6 exclusivity” … [Read more...]

The 4-Inch iPhone Debate Continues: More Rumors

For months, rumors have ping ponged back and forth about whether or not Apple would be making a smaller version of the iPhone 6—and on Tuesday, those rumors swung back the other way, with Digitimes reporting once again that a 4-inch iPhone was on its way. According to the post, AU Optronics “is expected to supply … [Read more...]

OnePlus One Now Available Without Invite

About this time last year, OnePlus announced the One, its first (and at that point, only) Android handset that had really great specs and a super affordable price tag. The catch, of course, was that you could only buy one via invite. Fortunately, the company announced Monday that anyone can buy a One if they so choose, … [Read more...]

Cyanogen Formally Partners with Microsoft

Cyanogen announced a new, formal partnership with Microsoft on Thursday, only months after the Windows maker provided a sizable investment in the Android competitor. The agreement will mean that future versions of Cyanogen will come with Microsoft’s suite of apps pre-loaded. The partnership will see Microsoft create … [Read more...]

Jawbone UP4 Has AmEx NFC Payments

Jumping on the bandwagon for payments through near field communications, or NFC, Jawbone announced the new UP4 fitness tracker on Wednesday. The device will be capable of letting wearers pay for junk through a partnership with American Express. The only downside: you won’t burn as many calories, since you won’t have to … [Read more...]

Demand for Galaxy S6 Higher Than Predicted

If you’ve had the chance to glimpse a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in person, you might not be surprised to learn that demand for the thing is much higher than anyone expected. In fact, both versions of the device are in much higher demand than Samsung had planned for, meaning that if you had the money to shell out for a Galaxy … [Read more...]

HTC and LG Might Be Working on New Windows Phones

If you were hoping to get a high-end Windows 10 handset when the revamped mobile OS from Microsoft launches later this year, it seems that HTC and LG will have you covered…probably…maybe. HTC says “We’ll See” The company’s CFO Chia-Lin Chang said that HTC is working closely with Microsoft on a Windows 10 handset—but that … [Read more...]

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