This year is looking like it’ll be a good one for mobile gaming. Newzoo, the Amsterdam-based market research firm for the gaming industry, has forecast that the strong growth in mobile gaming during 2014 (a 43 percent rise compared to 2013) will continue during 2015.

And that increased growth is expected in all major gaming markets around the world, with the biggest increase in mobile gaming expected in Southeast Asia and in China – at around 86 percent. Meanwhile, a 51 percent increase is anticipated in North America and 47 percent growth in Western Europe, year over year.

mobile-vs-console-gamingMost consumers now have the option of playing on four different screens – the TV, the PC, the tablet, and the phone (and most recently there has been a fifth addition: the smartwatch). Thanks to the wide variety of choice in where to play, the time spent playing games has risen significantly – by a huge 40 percent in just two years.

Many games are just as satisfying to play on a mobile or a tablet as on a PC screen. For instance, people who like to gamble online will find it’s just as easy to play roulette, blackjack, or slots on a mobile device.

Unsurprisingly, sites such as Gala, BGO, and Caesars casino have heavily invested in providing players with a choice of mobile games – they don’t want to miss out on any of their potential market share. You can tell by the amount of TV ads for gaming sites that they are keen to secure as much new business as possible. In order to get more people to sign up at, the site’s TV ad last year featured Verne Troyer, the actor made famous in his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies. Verne is BGO’s celebrity ambassador and is featured on the website as The Boss, who players can try to beat in different gaming challenges.

The latest ad from BGO not only features Verne, but also Dan Bilzerian, the poker-playing former Navy Seal who is also known as ‘Instagram’s Playboy King.’ In the ad, Bilzerian faces The Boss in a card game – and Bilzerian wins the game, leaving The Boss fuming!

Global mobile gaming revenues are forecast to increase to $30.3 billion at the end of 2015, while console gaming is predicted to be worth $26.4 billion. But what 2015 will see is a rationalization of spending on gaming. Whereas a consumer might have spent money only on console gaming a few years ago, from now on that spending will be spread across the four screens, with mobile devices generating an increased amount of revenue, and consoles generating less overall revenue.

If Newzoo forecasts are correct, 2015 will be the first year where mobile gaming revenues will exceed console gaming revenues. The research company has suggested there will be a gradual evening out of where people spend their money on gaming so that eventually the split will be equal across all four screens. At the moment, the spend split is as follows in the USA: 44 percent on TV, 26 percent on PC, 15 percent on tablets and handhelds, and 15 percent on phones.

The increased spend on mobile gaming should see both Google Play and the App Store being represented in the top five public companies by gaming revenue. This is largely due to the fact that they earn a commission on 30 percent on every game sold in their respective app stores. Google Play is in second place to Apple’s App Store for mobile gaming market share during 2014, with other app stores such as Tencent’s My App and 360 Mobile Assistant following them. The mobile gaming industry’s future in general certainly looks bright, with global mobile gaming revenues forecast to reach $40.9 billion by 2017.

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