Just because Game of Thrones is over, doesn’t mean that your appreciation for the cutest fire-spitting creatures in the fantasy world should end. From mobile casino apps to your favorite animated movie, here are 4 Android apps to help you deal with your final episode anxiety in a healthy and even fun way.

GOT? Try D&D!

Long before Khaleesi nurtured her first dragon egg, dungeon masters ruled over planet geek. The official D&D app was released only a couple of years ago, but dedicated fans of the game (many of whom also adore GOT) date back all the way to the ’70s. In fact, this may very well be the first board game.

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Find your fortune

88 Fortunes by SciPlay is an Asian-themed social slots game that features your beloved lucky slot machine games wrapped in the most beautiful graphics you’ve ever seen. And yes, there are dragons as far as the eye can see in this free mobile slots game. You didn’t hear it from me, but even if you show up just to ease your GOT-related misery, you’ll end up staying and playing for the insane rewards and unusual mobile slots gaming experience.

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School of Dragons

The hit DreamWorks animated movie “How to Train Your Dragon” turns into an interactive mobile experience where players can become the ultimate dragon trainers. The game features about 30 quest episodes and lots of crazy, dragon-filled adventures.

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He’s looking at you, dragon

If all you need right now is an immediate dragon-fix, try a pretty Android wallpaper app. There are quite a few to choose from, which isn’t surprising, considering that GOT has helped make these mythical creatures an even bigger hit. We found at least one that is super impressive and versatile, so go ahead and set these high-end, 3D images as your wallpaper, lock-screen, and everything in between. 

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We’re not at all sure when there will ever be another fascinating show like Game of Thrones, but we do know that you don’t have to get bored waiting for the next hit. Find your next on-screen obsession on your mobile and have plenty of fun searching for it! And, while you play one of these apps, you can always binge-watch all 8 seasons of GOT, over and over again.

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